“Sponsoring a child is the most powerful way that you can fight poverty”

Why Tuleeni Orphans Home?

Tuleeni created to overcome problems left to the children after their parents died or do not have ability to take care of their children, due to poverty or other reason. In Tanzania many children left helplessness, hopeless and carelessness because no one could stand and look after them especially after their parents died or cannot take care of them. Tuleeni started with a main objective of encouraging, give hope, care and  create a better future for the children who lost their parents.

Tuleeni believes in the caring of not only those who don’t have parents but also the very needy ones who for one reason or another have missed care of their parents.

Our Mission

Tuleeni Orphans Home work towards empowering orphans and vulnerable children through provision of services such as Education, Love and all necessary child needs in daily lives in order to return hope and build a better future for children.

Meet Mama Faraji

Mama of Tuleeni Family

Mama Faraji (Tuleeni Executive Director and Founder) was staying with the Orphans since 2001 in her home but later on 2005 she decide to start an Orphanage after observing that the number of Orphans in her street increase so the possible way to help them is to keep them in the same area and create a very special family to nature the growth and development of the children as well as make them live as a family. The reason push her to establish the Orphanage was to reduce the problems left to the children who are Orphans after the death of their parents.

Despite the troubled background of the children, they are happy and appreciative of all they have been given. Their joy is nothing short of humbling. They are eager to learn and make the most of what they get.

In the beginning the orphanage had 16 children where most of them were in primary school. Later on the number of Orphans in the center increase from 16 to 48 then now Mama Faraji is helping more than 100 children. Many of the children at Tuleeni Orphans Home are students in different schools in Moshi.

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The greatest challenge facing Tuleeni

In the beginning 2001 the center had 16 children, most of them were in primary school, later on number of children increase from 16 – 48 then now there are more than 100. Many of the children at Tuleeni are studying in different schools here in Moshi, where some are Pre-primary school, primary school, secondary school, high school and others are in university.

The greatest challenge facing Tuleeni currently is to secure sponsors for all the children school fees and money for running the orphanage that includes Tuleeni Academy and Tuleeni Vocational Training School were 2018/2019 budget is 45,000 USD. Tuleeni is operated with funds from donors and friends who wish well to the children, in the beginning Mama Faraji use her small salary to run the orphanage but later on number of children in the center increase so the need of help for running the center increases.

Tuleeni is appealing to all well-wishers to support these children to get their dream come true. Everything donated 100% goes directly to Tuleeni. There are no fees and no administration costs, nothing gets lost.

These children can change the world, but they can’t do it without you.



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