How was Started

Mama faraji and the children

Here is Mama Faraji (Founder and Executive Director of Tuleeni Orphans Home) and some of children from Uru village.

Tuleeni Orphans Home was emanated from Mama Faraji’s own background as an orphan. “Tuleeni” is a voice from helpless children calling for help to be brought up just like other children who have lost one or both of their parents. The Word Tuleeni is Swahili word which Means ‘please care for us’. Every child needs care, love, peace, to be respected, education, and all daily social basic requirements including food, shelter and clothes.

Mama Faraji (Executive Director and Owner of Tuleeni) was staying with the Orphans since 2001 in her home but later on 2006 she decide to start an Orphanage after observing that the number of Orphans in her street increase so the possible way to help them is to keep them in the same area and make them live as a family. The reason pushes her to establish the Orphanage was to reduce the problems left to the children who are Orphans after the death of their parents.

In the beginning the center had 16 children where most of them were in primary school, later on the number of Orphans in the center increase from 16 – 48 then now 100 which is currently number of children in the Orphanage. Many of the children at Tuleeni Orphans Home are studying in different schools here in Moshi, where some are Pre-primary school and others are in secondary school.

The orphanage started formally in 2001 at Mama Faraji’s humble residence with nine orphans. The number of orphans increased dramatically to eighteen orphans and in 2006 Mama Faraji rented a place for the growing number of orphans. Despite the troubled background of the children, they are happy and appreciative of all they have been given. Their joy is nothing short of humbling. They are eager to learn and make the most of what they get. The orphanage was formally registered as an NGO in 2009 through the NGO registration act of 2002 of United Republic of Tanzania (URT). It is a Non-profit, non- religious, non-political NGO with registration number 00NGO/00003265. It is therefore an independent Ngo with its own mission, mandate, constituency and accountability to both the people it works with, save and those who support its activities and objectives. The greatest challenge facing Tuleeni currently is to secure sponsors for all the children school fees. Tuleeni is appealing to all well wishers to support these children to get their

Tuleeni Orphans Home was firstly established in Rau village in Moshi Municipal where firstly it started by renting a small house with total of 8 rooms later we decided to buy a land and build another building that can accommodate more children.

Tuleeni Orphans Home is run by donors and friends who wish well to the children, in the beginning Mama Faraji use her small salary to run Tuleeni together with donors and friends but later on as the day goes the number of children in the center increase so the need of help for running the center increases that’s why Tuleeni needs your donation to help running the center.