Mama Faraji

Meet Mama Faraji, a woman whose face is full of smile, love, passion and dreams. Mama Faraji is a teacher at a local primary school grew up as an orphan herself and during her life she has come to realize that an education truly is the key to success.

Mama Faraji is an inspiration to anyone that has the chance to meet her. She always has a smile on her face and is eager to help anyone she knows. Mama Faraji became an orphan since when she was 3 years old, as an orphan she know what it means too be an orphan. Her parents divorced and later died, thus leaves her entire life in the hands of her grandmother. Incidentally, her father was also an orphan. Mama Faraji and her relatives studied primary school at a poor government school in the village, but once they completed Primary School, her grandmother could only afford to pay for one of them to go to Secondary School. Because Mama had the highest grades of all the children, her grandmother helped Mama Faraji enroll in Secondary School. Later on Mama Faraji graduate High School and attend University. She completed her bachelor degree in Education and start working as a primary school Teacher. In her teens Mama Faraji ended up raising the younger members of her family.

In 2001 she begins caring 16 orphans in her home. After years of looking after these orphaned children in her own home she eventually ran out of space as the number of Orphans in her street increases, So she found that the possible way to help them is to keep them in the same area and make them live as a family. In 2005/2006, Mama Faraji managed to rent a local building and started the Tuleeni orphanage. Tuleeni Orphans Home was firstly established in Rau village in Moshi Municipal where it started by renting a small house which was having total of 8 rooms.

The reasons push her to establish the Orphanage was to reduce the problems left to the children who are Orphans after the death of their parents.

In the beginning the center was having 18 children where most of them were in primary school. Later on the number of Orphans in the center increase from 18-48 and then increases to 100 of which is currently number in the Orphanage. Many of the children at Tuleeni Orphans Home are students in different schools in Moshi, where some are Pre-primary school, others in secondary school and others are in university.

Tuleeni Orphans Home is run by donors and friends who wish well to the children, In the beginning Mama Faraji use her small salary to run Tuleeni but later the number of children in the center increase so the need of help for running the center increases too, Mama Faraji decided to asking for donations from friends and donors.

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