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We don’t say goodbye, we say “see you next time” 💕😭😙

It doesn't matter what I do or who I'm with, I can't seem to go a day without missing Tanzania... I need a little bit of you all back in my life!

Mariah Bigelow‎ May 16, 2016

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Volunteer while on Vacation

While I was climbing Kilimanjaro, Leslie was at Tunleeni. George Joseph, the owner of Kilidove, grew up at Tuleeni and has a very special relationship with Momma Faraji, the wonderful woman who founded Tuleeni and cares for the children. After my climb and Leslie’s week at the orphanage, we loaded up the Kilidove Landcruiser and headed for the Serengeti with Nova at the wheel. Nova knew where to go to see the game and while we saw all the big six except the the rhino, we did get in the middle of the migration and even saw a black mamba snake.

Van (Baba Jedi) and Leslie (Momma Jedi) May 16, 2016

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Life Changing

Yay! Just had a chat with my wonderful son Ryne and his beautiful girlfriend Jackie from Zanzibar Tanzania! So proud and happy for them as they continue their African journey to Tuleeni Orphans Home. :))

Karen Kallestad-Miller Sebastopol, CA, United States · May 16, 2016

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Back in June 2015, I volunteered with a lovely children’s home in Tanzania called Tuleeni Orphanage.

Recently, they've taken in these 3 beautiful girls, Matty, Elizabeth and Neema. They are 5 years old and were found sickly and malnourished. They are now recovering well in the care of the home. However, the home needs sponsors and donations to put these 3 girls to school. As we all know, education in a child's life so crucial. All it takes is $150 (USD) to sponsor a child's education for an entire year in Tanzania.

If you find it in your heart to play a small part in their young lives, please send me a message or email at

God Bless ♡

Gloria Lee May 16, 2016

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Tuleeni is a special place!

At Portage Northern we have been watching these children grow and have been donating money towards their education for the past 6 years. This amazing woman has gone there to live and raise money to provide more sustainable living conditions and empower these children! If you are looking for a good cause to give, here it is!! We love Tuleeni Orphans Home !

Becky Zoppi Moon May 16, 2016

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“My time in Tanzania was productive and creative.”

The Tuleeni Orphanage had grown to 90 children from the 73 when I first volunteered there. The founder of the orphanage, Mama Faraji, does her best to educate the children and prepare them for university.

“I teach African teenagers that if I could get out of poverty, they can too,”

Fay May 16, 2016

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Thank you for making our stay so joyful.

Asante Sana! Thank you for making our stay so joyful. We wish you all a great future and that all your wishes will come true. We will miss you and always remember you. We leave Moshi in peace not in pices.

Bjerg, Thobias, Mari and Oda May 16, 2016

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One of the most heart warming aspect of our expedition was our visit to the Tuleeni Orphans Home in Moshi Tanzania

One of the most heart warming aspect of our expedition was our visit to the Tuleeni Orphans Home in Moshi Tanzania as part of our WildHeart ReRun Mission. Not far from our outfitter Keys hotels, travel & tours of Kilimanjaro Tanzania who provided a jeep and interpriter for our mission. Before we left we connected with Michael Aronson founder of Rerun Shoes - Old Shoes, New Lives. who donated four expedition sized duffel bags of children’s shoes for us to carry to an orphanage in Africa. Team members also brought t-shirts & hygeine items at their own expense. We all spent our first day together at the Orphanage run by Mama Faraji (P.O. Box 8562 Moshi-Tanzania East Africa e-mail, we each carried the donations in our already stuffed expedition backpacks from Jandd Mountaineering & BAD BAGS - Best American Duffel As a retired cop & former U.S. Marine in Desert Storm I am no stranger to suffering, but the orphanage still took me off guard, they receive no government support, actually the government seems to undermine their efforts in some ways. The only way these 98 children will remain fed & with a humble roof over their head is through the tourism industry to Kilimanjaro & people who carry their donations with them or mail them ahead. If you are going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, please remember these children, anything you have is much needed, you ma also make a direct donation here on their Facebook page via PayPal.

Michael Coyne May 16, 2016

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Wonderful to see you beautiful family

Mama Flaria Felix Faraji it is so wonderful to see you beautiful family. I miss you all dearly and love you all very much. God bless you.

Gwen Tillman May 16, 2016