Meaning of Tuleeni

The Word Tuleeni is Swahili word which Means ‘care for us’. Every child needs care, love, peace, to be respected, education, and all daily social basic requirements including food, shelter and clothes. Why Tuleeni Orphans Home? Tuleeni Orphans Home has been created to overcome the problems left to the children after their parents have died.

How does Tuleeni come to existence

Mama Faraji (Tuleeni Founder) was staying with the Orphans since 2001 in her home but later on 2005 she decide to start an Orphange after observing that the number of Orphans in her street increase so the possible way to help them is to keep them in the same area and make them live as

Our donors and friends

Dear Friend Happy New Year 2013. TULEENI ORPHANS HOME family is happy to give you these words of thank you for what you have done and you are doing to us. THANK YOU, again for your donations. Through your important donations and some from other friends we have managed to cover more than half of

Tuleeni Mission

Tuleeni mission is to Work towards empowering orphans and street children through provision of services such as Education, Love and all necessary child needs in daily lives in order to return the hope and build a better future for the children.