Sponsor a Child

How to Sponsor a child at Tuleeni Home!


  • School Fees
  • School supplies are Text books, Pens, Pencils, School Bags,School uniforms and chalks.
  • Special Meal; The special meal is required for the specified child due to his/her physical status.

You can make a sponsorship to the child by providing to the specific child(children) either financial donation or material donation and financial at the same time. In case of financial donation you can make a wire transfer for the child(children) to Tuleeni orphans home Bank account. For the bank account details please feel free to contact us.

If you sponsor a child(children) in both material and financial donation, you can send the specific donation to the child(children), where material donation should be sent via postal address mentioned in contact page. Please feel free to obtain more information from us if these are not enough do not hesitate contact us. When you need to sponsor a certain child, we can calculate for you the total costs for the specific child you need to sponsor then we can send to you via email. Please feel free to contact us for the child sponsoring costs.

Now We have more than 90 kids. from 1 year old to 20 years old in our campus and Out reach.

Most of the children are currently enrolled in primary school, secondary schools and college/University.

Here are the school fees rate for private primary schools and secondary schools in Tanzania range from about $750 to as high as $1000 per year.

1. Kilimanjaro Education Academy School (17 Children) All Sponsored – 450$ up to 750$

2. Eden Garden Academy School (3 Children) All Sponsored – 1500$ Each

3. St. Lois Primary School (2 Children) All Sponsored – 800$ Each

4. St. Urusula Secondary school – 850$ Each

5. Sangiti Secondary School (8 children) All Sponsored – 1000$ Each

6. Majengo Secondary School (7 Children) All Sponsored – 750$ Each

7. Ebeneza Secondary School – 1300$ Each

8. Edmundrice High School (1 Child) – 1300$ Each

9. St Marry Goret High School (1 Child) –

10. Scholastica Secondary School (1 Child) – 2000$ Each

11. Bendel Memorial Secondary School (1 Child) – 1500$ Each

Here are the schools fees rate for public primary schools and secondary schools in Tanzania range from about 100$ to as high as 450$ per year.

1. Akili day Care (1 Child) – 100$ Each

2. Chombo primary School (8 Children) 5 – sponsored – 100$ Each

3. Enduiment Secondary School (1 Child) – 350$ Each

4. Lufilyo High School – 1000$ Each

5. Rau Secondary School (2 Children) – 450$ Each

6. Muungano Secondary School (1 Child) – 450$ Each

7. Tarakea Secondary School ( 3 Children) – 450$ Each

8. Jipe Secondary School ( 1 Child) – 450$ Each

9. Komakya Secondary School (3 Children) – 450$ Each

10. Mawella Secondary ( 2 Children) – 450 $ Each

11. Moshi Cooperative University (Mocu) ( 3 Children) – 1300$ Each

12. KCMC Medical School ( 2 Children) – 2000$ Each

“We want to thank you again for your big heart, support and taking the time to think about these incredible children, We are hoping that you will join us in investing in the lives of this incredible children. “