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How does Tuleeni come to existence

Mama Faraji (Tuleeni Founder) was staying with the Orphans since 2001 in her home but later on 2005 she decide to start an Orphange after observing that the number of Orphans in her street increase so the possible way to help them is to keep them in the same area and make them live as a family. The reason push her to establish the Orphanage was to reduce the problems left to the children who are Orphans after the death of their parents.

In the beginning the center was having 16 children where most of them were in primary school.Later on the number of Orphans in the center increase from 16-40 which is currently number in the Orphanage. Many of the children at Tuleeni Orphans Home are students in different schools in Moshi,where some are Pre-primary school and others are in secondary school.

Tuleeni Orphans Home was firstly established in Rau village in Moshi Municipal where firstly it started by renting a small house which was having total of 8 rooms which is the currently building where Tuleeni Orphans live.which is not enough for all children still we need a bigger building with more rooms.

Tuleeni Orphans Home is run by donors from friends who wish well to the children,in the beginning mama Faraji use her small salary to run Tuleeni together with donors from friends and later on as the day goes the number of children in the center increase so the need of help for running the center increases that’s why Tuleeni needs your donation to help running the center.


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