The founder and executive director of Neema International, Mandy Stein (also known as Neema) met Tuleeni Orphans Home while on a service trip with Cross Cultural Solutions CCS in June 2011. Flaria Faraji (Mama Faraji) Founder and Executive Director of Tuleeni Orphans Home told Neema the kind of future she dreamed of to Tuleeni Orphans and how she had long waited to build them a new home. She invited her and other two organizations (The Faraji Foundation and Virtual Foundation) to collaborate on the construction of the new Tuleeni facility.

Neema International mission is to invest in the lives of East Africa’s promising youth through education and sustainable building projects. First of these sustainable projects being the Tuleeni Orphanage Extension Project. Neema International has been responsible for over 50% of the funds raised towards this project.

Aside from helping to fund the construction of the Tuleeni orphanage Neema International has also invested thousands of dollars in the education of the Tuleeni Orphans. Neema has been able to secure some of Tuleeni children in private English Medium Schools, Secondary Schools and college where they are getting a quality education that will help them lead successful and productive lives in the future.