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Dear Friend

Happy New Year 2013. TULEENI ORPHANS HOME family is happy to give you these words of thank you for what you have done and you are doing to us.

THANK YOU, again for your donations. Through your important donations and some from other friends we have managed to cover more than half of our daily needs. These include some food, school fees, cloths, treatment and other necessary needs. We can say that its first time we have managed to pay ¾ of school fees at time. Your donations have play part to these following need children.

No: Name School No: Name School
1. Hilda Akili Day Care 57. Stella Mombury Busta Teaching College
2. Selestine Akili Day Care 58. Helen Deodath Huruma Nursing College
3. Violeth Akili Day Care 59. Doris Odilia Huruma Nursing College
4. Ismail Akili Day Care 60. Emanuel Mosha Huruma Nursing College
5. Jonathan Akili Day Care 61. Paul F Mawella Secondary
6. Samsoni Akili Day Care 62. Gundelinda Moshi university
7. Erick Akili Day Care 63. Suzana Felix Kcmc Nursing College
8. Mwita Akili Day Care 64. Gladnes Temu Veta
9. Awadhi Mrupanga Primary 65. Eliarika Temu Kcmc Nursing College
10. Bahati Mrupanga Primary 66. Jovin Kimaro Udom University
11. Godfrey Mrupanga Primary 67. Baraka Mbeya University
12. Derick Mrupanga Primary 68. Joyce Felix St. John University
13. Freddy Mrupanga Primary 69. Timoth Samwel Moshi university
14. Balizahu Mrupanga Primary 70. Emmauel Kiwia Moshi university
15. Lea Mrupanga Primary 71. Aggy Mawella Secondary
16. Emakulatha Eden Garden Median 72. Felix D Rau Secodary
17. Robert Mmary Eden Garden Median 73. Charles L Mangisabas Secondary
18. Livin Eden Garden Median 74. Debora Mwanga College
19. Irene Jescory Eden Garden Median 75. Balbina Kampala University
20. Junior Akili Day Care 76. Allen Akili Day Care
21. Elisha Mgalla Mrupanga Primary 77. Abduel Musya Mwereni primary
22. Jonas Deo St. Lois Primary 78. Felix J Rau Secodary
23. Lucky Benson St. Lois Primary 79. Evance Renatus Moshi university
24. Elia Jescory Eden Garden Median 80. Rehema Primary
25. Helena James St. Lois Primary 81. Godfrey Primary
26 Jackline Rau Secodary 82. Scholar Mashingia   Secondary
27. Happiness Eden Garden Median 83. Elisha Ebeneza Median
28. George St. Lois Primary 84. Caroline Sangiti Secodary
29. James Mrupanga Primary 85. Nick Mashingia Secondary
30. Kelvini Mrupanga Primary 86. Lilian Veta
31. Dorini R Mrupanga Primary 87. Atonia Secondary
32. Janeth Njiro Secondary 88. Faraja Veta
33. Anna B St. Lois Primary 89. Abdulaziz Secondary
34. Joachim Jipe Secondary 90. Organ Seconadry
35. Dominick Tarakea Secondary 91. Sarah Minde Eden Garden Primary
36. George Kimaro Tarakea Secondary 92. Salome Mawella Secondary
37. Abdalla Jipe Secondary 93. Samwel Veta
38. Filemoni Tarakea Secondary 94. Regina St. Lois Primary
39. Gabriel Tarakea Secondary 95. Dina St. Lois Primary
40. Clara Rau Secodary 96. Jeremiah St. Lois Primary
41. Paul Rau primary 97. Aorld St. Lois Primary
42. Simon Rau primary 98. Queen St. Lois Primary
43. Yusta Kiraeni Secondary 99. Celina St. Lois Primary
44. Mariam Kiraeni Secondary 100. Rose Veta
45. Teresia Sangiti Secondary 101. Lberia John N. Highland Teaching College
46. Joyce Jescory Sangiti Secodary 102. Consolatha Secondary
47. Vanessa Mrupanga Primary 103. Faraja Veta
48. Rose P Rau Secodary 104. Emmanuel Molel Veta
49. Erick Chuwa Rau Secodary 105 Peter Veta
50. Denis Indument Secondary 106. Asha Mrupanga primary
51. Evarist Indument Secondary 107. Ally Mrupanga primary
52. Elisha Partick Magisabas Secondary 108 Pendo St. Lois Primary
53 Shedrack Magisabas Secondary 109. Pendo Sanya Secondary
54. Juliane Vocational Training 110. Pamela Secondary
55. Michael Veta 111. Roman Secondary
56. Rose Mombury Karatu Nursing College

*Veta – Vocational training college

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