Tuleeni Education Program

Tuleeni Orphans Home is a registered NGO, with the main mission of empowering orphans and street children through provision of services such as Education, Love and all necessary child needs in daily lives in order to return the hope and build a better future for the Children. Until now we have been able to raise and create future for 30 children . This children are now participating in different carriers around the country and world. Some of them owns their own business, some are Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Carpenter, Welding, Childcare, Farmers, Tailors, Human Resource managers, Reservations Managers and Business Admins.

How to become A Sponsor

           1. Choose to pay school fees for a particular child for a certain amount of time. (“Example Until he or she finishes his secondary education.”)

           2. Choose to spay school fees for a particular child until she or he finishes his university education. In this option you can be able to send the funds directly to his or her school. Or send the funds directly to our bank account.

         3. Choose to donate a certain amount once or each year towards,  which will help us cover school fees for the Tuleeni children who do not have a sponsors.


Top Main donors / Fundraisers: 

1. Neema International

2. Friends of Tuleeni Children

3. Portage Northern High School

4. Faraji Foundation

5. Realinvest