Tuleeni Home Extension Project

This project intends to alleviate the problem of orphans at Kitandu village and the neighboring village in the rural district of Moshi in Kilimanjaro region and in Tanzania in general. The orphanage is planned to accommodate 80 orphans and rare 80 other outreach children in the catchment area. Thus upon completion no orphan will be left homeless around the village or even those vulnerable and susceptible to risks of life.

Over reliance on the existing center (home) has created a lot of pressure on facility itself. Thus the relatively increasing population growth and the subsequent increasing of orphans at Kitandu is a cause for attention. At the village level the problem of street children will be completely eradicate, as such contributing towards alleviation of the problem of urbanization at individual level orphanage and the needy will have the place to live and belong. The project infrastructure consist of all the necessary building in a modern orphanage. This include an administration block, dormitories for boys and girls, a library, class rooms, a dining hall and a kitchen and recreational facilities as well as public amenities like toilets and a small step. This will not be only an orphanage but also a community center.

Residents of Kitandu village and the catchment area will no longer experience the problem of orphans loitering in the village. However the orphans will be the direct and immediate beneficiaries, because they will have a home. This is self-sustaining project. Currently, we’re at the final stages where our dreams can be transformed into a reality. While we have already made incredible progress, funds are needed to complete, furnish, and obtain supplies for the center.
Top Main Donors/ Fundrisers:
1. Neema International
2. Faraji Foundation
3. Virtual Foundation